Hormone Imbalances in Women

Despite the fact that hormonal changes often affect everyone at any stage in life, women are the most affected. Hormone imbalances in women can take many angles and occur at different stages in their lives with the most common occurring during menstruation and pregnancy.

According to researchers, hormone imbalances are also rampant in women in their late 40s and early 50s. If you want to identify hormonal imbalance in a woman, the signs to look for are:

  • Continuous and persistent weight gain

Even though weight gain is often attributed to lifestyle and diet, many women undergoing through hormonal imbalances will persistently and continuously gain weight. Their hormones make it difficult for them to maintain health weights despite dieting and exercising. However, natural hormonal imbalance may occur when a woman eliminates foods such as wheat and processed foods from her diet. Also, she will most likely be able to control weight gain arising from hormonal imbalances if she gets rid of sugars from her diet.

  • Increased belly fat

Hormonal imbalances in women also lead to accumulation of belly fat. This is because the imbalances cause stress on the endocrine system which leads to under or over production of different types of hormones. As a result, belly fat arises from adrenal fatigue.

  • Low Libido

Have you ever wondered why she has a low libido? It is perhaps because of hormonal imbalances. When a woman has such an imbalance, she will experience disturbed sleep and as a result, the production of sex hormones will be significantly lowered and therefore leading to low libido.

  • Fatigue

Another sure sign of hormonal imbalances in a woman is fatigue. If she is always sluggish, tired and sleepy, it is most likely that she has hormonal imbalances. Such can lead to the woman always experiencing anxiety, being highly irritable and complications leading to depression. Fatigue will be as a result of poor sleep patterns and insomnia.

There are other signs of hormonal imbalances in women such as sweating excessively at night, digestion problems and cravings. To correct hormonal imbalances, you should learn how to balance hormones naturally. There are various ways including performing the much hyped hormone replacement therapy or eating correctional foods for hormonal imbalances. With regard to this, we can offer more information upon free consultation.

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