Hormone Balancing and Weight Gain

Can hormone imbalance cause weight gain? This is a question being asked by many people from across the globe especially women. It is true, hormones do affect weight loss. The question therefore is how can a woman use her hormones to help her in weight gain or weight loss? To understand how to balance hormone symptoms in women, there are some facts we have to discuss. These are:

  • Hormones control the body’s response to external stimuli:

The way your body responds to stress, sleep, exercises, digestion and many other body functions are highly reliable upon hormone balance. Imbalances in hormones may lead to dysfunctions in metabolism, lack of hunger feelings, lack or additional cravings for food, type of moods, motivations to exercise and much more! All these factors determine your weight. For instance, if your hormones always make you to crave for junk food, the possibilities of adding weight are quite high.

  • There is no perfect hormone balance for weight loss

Every individual is unique in his own way and therefore, it makes it difficult to determine the absolute hormonal balance levels for weight loss. However, if you have high levels of hormonal imbalance, the resulting symptoms will most likely lead to weight gain. With a more balanced hormonal levels however, a woman can easily work towards weight loss.

  • Hormone balancing is not always a medical issue

When a woman learns that her weight gain is as a result of hormone imbalances, the first thought that comes in mind is to run to a doctor for help! It is not always about mainstream medicine. Most of the times, it needs you to eat the right foods and get the right nutrition into your body for hormonal balancing to take place. Once you do that, add other nutritional foods into your diet and you will have effectively prevented weight gain through hormonal imbalances.

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Hormone Imbalance Testing

Hormone imbalance is a common situation among women. Statistics indicate that there is a rise in the number of cases of hormone imbalance among women in the recent times. However, men too experience hormone imbalance.

The cause of hormonal imbalances is known to be mainly several types of health disorders such as the polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid conditions, diabetes, hormone related breast cancers and weight gain. There are many causes and symptoms of hormone imbalance, however, it will be good to know how you can identify these conditions and correct them. It is for this reason that we talk about hormone imbalance testing tips:

Why do you need a hormone test? Hormone testing is sometimes known as hormone panel due to the varieties of hormones tested. There are several types of hormone testing with the main one being the cortisol hormone level testing. Even though hormone testing is important in many ways, not every woman should undergo through the process.

When a woman identifies the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, they should undertake a hormone test. Here are some reasons why a woman may need hormone imbalance testing:

  • Hormone testing assists in knowing the exact hormone deficiencies

Women have varying reasons for hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalances in women result due to menopause or fatigue. A hormone test will help identify the exact hormones that are missing or low within a woman’s body and provide solutions into how such deficiencies can be solved.

  • Hormone Testing Helps to put into place the relevant corrective measures.

Hormone deficiencies can be corrected if correctly identified. Once the imbalance has been identified, a woman will be advised on the right supplements and lifestyle changes which will correct the situation. Even in severe hormonal imbalance cases, testing identifies the cause of the problem therefore making it possible to provide the right solution.

  • Hormone testing helps trace fertility problems among women

There are thousands of women who have been helped in solving fertility issues through hormone tests. This is because almost all fertility issues in women are as a result of hormonal irregularities. Hormone imbalance tests help identify the exact hormone problem and help in provision of relevant treatment.

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Utah Weddings

Everyone you speak to will tell you how expensive weddings are. Did you know that Utah weddings do not have to be that expensive? There are means which when used, the cost of wedding can be reduced drastically. These ways are:

  • Saving wedding costs through time

Time is money, so the old saying goes. When it comes to wedding, time is indeed money! Shorten the time you take to plan. You can even use a month or less to plan for the wedding as this will save lots of money on travels, phone calls among other planning duties. Short timelines force individuals to streamline their wedding needs as per their available financial resources.

  • Schedule the wedding on the ‘right’ date

There are peak dates and off-peak dates. Peak dates often come attached with high costs as people compete for resources such as wedding and reception venues. As such you will pay less for wedding is an off peak date. Normally, the most ideal time for Utah weddings will be on a Friday or Sunday as wedding costs during such times is low.

  • Choosing A Wedding Venue

When preparing for a wedding, the venue will determine how costly the wedding becomes. There are relatively low cost wedding venues which can be utilized by couples. Relatively cheap Utah wedding venues can be used should you be on a tight budget.

  • Choose a relatively cheap dress

Style and elegance is not necessarily attached to price. There are some good wedding dresses in Utah which come at reasonable prices. Know the places where you can get great wedding discounts and visit several wedding stores before settling on a dress. You will have to perform intensive research before settling on that perfect dress.

Weddings in Utah must not necessarily be expensive and elaborate. Even simple weddings when planned well, can bring out elegance, style and the joy a couple deserve. As experts in the wedding process, we can guide a couple make use of their limited resources to get the wedding of their dream. Should you need to know more on how to save on a wedding, you can contact us for free consultation.

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Saliva Test Kits

Testing Saliva is the most common method used in recent times for the assessment and identification of the presence of various vital hormones in the body. Hormones tested through saliva may include the reproductive hormones, adrenal hormones among others. To assist perform such tests, saliva test kits are often used.

Why perform salivary hormone testing? Several saliva tests are carried with different reasons. However, some of the most common reasons why saliva hormone testing is done are:

  • Saliva test is a useful way of measuring hormones:

Since the 1960s. Saliva tests have been a means through which body hormones are measured. This method of testing is considered superior to other means of testing such as serum testing. One of the main benefits is its ability to show non-protein hormones present in the body at any point in time. Such a test cannot be done and determined by blood tests.

  • Saliva testing helps monitor supplemented hormones:

This is another main reason why people will go for saliva test kits rather than any other testing means. With saliva testing, you are able to know the levels, absorption and utilization of supplemented hormones. Due to the fact that applied progesterone is often absorbed without changing serum progesterone, it is easier to determine the absorption rate of bio-identical hormone therapy through saliva tests than any other form of testing.

  • Saliva tests can be done at home:

There are no needles needed, no special skills, no expertise and no doctor appointments. All you need is a good saliva test kit and your saliva and you are good to go. Therefore, you can perform the saliva tests as many times as you can cheaply and efficiently.

When would you need to take a saliva test? There are many reasons why people perform such tests. However, the test may be recommended by your physician should you have a health problem of in cases you are experiencing hormonal imbalance.

Doing such a test will help you identify the right treatment for your low hormonal levels or the corrective measures for any hormonal imbalances. For the best results, ensure that you get reliable and trusted saliva test kits. You can contact us for a free consultation on how to acquire perfect saliva test kits and on cortisol saliva test for hormones.

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Hormone Imbalances in Women

Despite the fact that hormonal changes often affect everyone at any stage in life, women are the most affected. Hormone imbalances in women can take many angles and occur at different stages in their lives with the most common occurring during menstruation and pregnancy.

According to researchers, hormone imbalances are also rampant in women in their late 40s and early 50s. If you want to identify hormonal imbalance in a woman, the signs to look for are:

  • Continuous and persistent weight gain

Even though weight gain is often attributed to lifestyle and diet, many women undergoing through hormonal imbalances will persistently and continuously gain weight. Their hormones make it difficult for them to maintain health weights despite dieting and exercising. However, natural hormonal imbalance may occur when a woman eliminates foods such as wheat and processed foods from her diet. Also, she will most likely be able to control weight gain arising from hormonal imbalances if she gets rid of sugars from her diet.

  • Increased belly fat

Hormonal imbalances in women also lead to accumulation of belly fat. This is because the imbalances cause stress on the endocrine system which leads to under or over production of different types of hormones. As a result, belly fat arises from adrenal fatigue.

  • Low Libido

Have you ever wondered why she has a low libido? It is perhaps because of hormonal imbalances. When a woman has such an imbalance, she will experience disturbed sleep and as a result, the production of sex hormones will be significantly lowered and therefore leading to low libido.

  • Fatigue

Another sure sign of hormonal imbalances in a woman is fatigue. If she is always sluggish, tired and sleepy, it is most likely that she has hormonal imbalances. Such can lead to the woman always experiencing anxiety, being highly irritable and complications leading to depression. Fatigue will be as a result of poor sleep patterns and insomnia.

There are other signs of hormonal imbalances in women such as sweating excessively at night, digestion problems and cravings. To correct hormonal imbalances, you should learn how to balance hormones naturally. There are various ways including performing the much hyped hormone replacement therapy or eating correctional foods for hormonal imbalances. With regard to this, we can offer more information upon free consultation.

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